Booking - Appointments Schedule change

Change is coming!

Thank you for checking in today!   

Previously, our appointments would open 2 months ahead (and our March appointments would have opened today).


Our schedule of opening appointments is changing as of today.

February 1st, March appointments for large consignments will open.  These will be for people bring up to 25 items at a time.  The month of March will be available for booking at this time.  April will open on March 1st.

February 15th we will begin accepting small consignment appointments on a rolling basis.  People looking to consign 10 items or less should book one of these appointments.  These will book 2 weeks ahead on a rolling basis.



Our changes are intended to allow more people to easily book an appointment for the upcoming season, and not be excluded so far in advance.  


All appointments will be available through this website.


Thank you for your patience and your continued consignments!



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