Consigning FAQ


I hear you book up quickly - how far in advance should I check to make my appointment?

We do book up quickly.  We are currently opening our bookings 1 month in advance and only 1 month at a time.  For example, on the 1st of April you would  be able to book for May.

You can book your appointment on the Booking menu.

Are there items Reflections doesn't consign?

Yes, we don't consign lingerie, swimwear, bathrobes, furs, or wedding gowns, no matter how beautiful and even if they are unused.  We also do not accept maternity wear or most vintage items.


Are there brands of clothing you don't take?

Yes,  As cute as they are, inexpensive brands of clothing just don't hold much value the second time around.  Brands such as Old Navy, H&M, Primark, Gap, Forever21 and brands sold at KMart or Target are examples of brands to put in the donate pile rather than the consignment pile.

Should I bring my items on hangers, or folded?

Hangers work well, but are not required.  It is up to you to prepare your clothing so that they are ready to wear.  They must be clean, without odor, and in excellent repair.  We do not provide de-linting, steaming, or tailoring services, and will turn away items that require attention.

What percentage of the selling price do I earn?

As the consignee, you always receive 40% of the actual selling price, whatever that may be.  You are welcome to request a check at the end of your consignment period, or to use the accrued earnings as in-store credit up to 6 months after the end of your consignment.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can bring to my appointment?

We have time to look at about 15 - 20 items at your appointment.  You should not expect to have more than 10 accepted - it is our job to be critical and find issues.  This number includes clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes.  We hope to return to taking more in the future.

May I retrieve unsold items at the end of the consignment?

Yes, you are welcome to retrieve any unsold items within 5 days of the end of your consignment if you choose to.  Items not collected 5 days after the end of the consignment become the property of the shop.  Please leave time to collect your items from the racks, as we may not have time to help you.

May I retrieve items before the end of the consignment?

You are welcome to retrieve any unsold items during the final week of their consignment.  Retrieval prior to this may result in a per item Early Retrieval fee.  If you are not comfortable with selling your items at discounted prices, we would rather you didn't consign them.

Which items sell best at Reflections?

Our customers are quite varied, but they all enjoy finding great quality merchandise at deep discounts.  The items that fly out the door here are unique and artistic, or classic and hard to find.  We accept plenty of items that are just comfortable, cute and oh-so-wearable too!

I am cleaning out to move - do you ever purchase outright?

We do not purchase large quantities of items outright.  We can work with you to help decide which items to consign and make a plan. Please  phone the shop.

Can I help local charities with my consignment?

Yes, Reflections is happy to automatically set aside a small portion of your consignment earnings as a donation to one of the following charities:

St. Judes's 

Concord Women's Club Scholarship Fund

Leeward Industries




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