General FAQ


I've just cleaned out my closet, can I bring these finds to you?

Items may have sparked joy at one point, but if they were purchased more than 3 years ago, they may not be in style now, and we may not be able to consign them.  See our Consigning-Booking Menu to make an appointment to consign your brand name clothing, costume and fine jewelry, handbags, or shoes that are in excellent condition.

We do, however, accept item of 1980's and 90's vintage!

My daughter loved these Uggs - why won't you accept them?

Some items are too well-loved to pass on to someone else.  Whether it be target age, style or condition, we try to be discriminating about what we take, so that we accept what the customers visiting our shop are interested in purchasing.   We don't accept teen-age targeted brands, or brands that sell very inexpensive items.

Why would I consign - isn't it easier to just donate things I don't want?

If you look at your closet and see items you purchased and never wore, or invested in and just aren't using any more, consigning is a great option!  We give your clothes and accessories a chance to be used and appreciated, while putting a few dollars back in your pocket.

Do you carry Petites or Plus sizes?

Yes!  We carry a large selection of sizes XS to 3X,  and petite items in many sizes.  We think everyone deserves a great deal!

How do you price your items?

We usually price our consigned items at approximately 1/4 - 1/3 of their original retail price, but sometimes adjust for desirability, and condition.  Your appointment is your chance to tell us all about the items.

Can I drop off merchandise that I would like to get rid of?

We donate items to Uncommon Threads in Lawerence, and other local charitable organizations.  While we can't take Donations to pass on, we are happy to donate items that we cannot take for consignment and items that do not sell.

Do you put items on hold for customers?

Yes, we can hold items for a day or two!

Are the prices at your shop negotiable?

No - but most items have timed markdown pricing - read your ticket carefully, you could have an even better deal than you first thought!

I only have jewelry or handbags - can't you squeeze me in?

Our consignors bring their own jewelry and handbags to their appointments, we usually don't have space to display extra items.  If you have items that are of superior quality or truly unique, please give us a call.

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